TAWERS Features

Weld Navigation

Wide Variety of Welding Tables


  • Greatly reduces spatter in CV welding on thin plates
  • Super-Imposition Control reduces short arc cycle and increases welding speed

HD-Pulse (Hyper Dip-Pulse Control)

  • Prevents undercut during 280A or more range high speed welding
  • Dip (short circuit) transfer enables low heat input with better gap handling capability
  • Precisely controlled dip timing reducing spatter


  • Using HD-Pulse and 90% Argon / 10% CO2 gas, reduces spatter on galvanized steel welding.
  • Effective on 45 to 60g.m2 coating

Flying Start

  • Executes arc on/off programs a little before the torch reaches the weld start/end point.
  • Strong tool to reduce cycle for many short weld projects.

Wire Auto Retract

  • As the robot moves to next weld start, the wire is retracted automatically.
  • Strong tool to stabilize the next arc start.

Wire Stick Auto Release

  • Automatically detects a wire stick at the end of the weld and re-ignites the arc to release the wire.

Lift Start / Lift End

  • The robot lifts up the welding torch quickly at the start and the end of the weld.
  • Great tool for spatter reduction at the arc start and cycle time reduction at the end of the weld.

Arc Start Retry

  • If a failure is detected at the arc start, the robot automatically starts the arc ignition again.

Torch Angle Display

  • The welding torch angle can be viewed
    • Tilt angle (work angle)
    • Forward/Back angle (push/drag angle)
  • Allows the programmer to be conscious of the torch angle along the weld path for smooth and consistent programming

Weld Data Management - Weld Monitor (Standard Version)

  • Welding monitor available with no additional hardware
  • Ability to monitor the welding process with a single arc monitoring window
  • Monitor amperage, voltage, short frequency (CV welding), wire feeder motor current
  • Act or react to out of condition situations

Weld Data Management - Weld Monitor (Expanded Version)

  • Common and individual monitoring settings available
  • Up to 50 individual monitoring settings

Weld Data Management - Weld Data Logging/Recording

  • Weld data logging for quality control records
  • Export via Ethernet
  • Easy to do log data analysis
  • Welding waveform display available

Auto Extension Control

  • Robot detects changes in wire extension and compensates automatically
  • Great tool to keep the same wire extension for even weld bead and penetration
  • Optional software
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