SPG Screen Printer

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Panasonic's SPG high-speed screen printing machine is the ultimate solution for lean SMT manufacturing. Our original uni-floating printing method reliably delivers the right amount of solder in the right form with high-speed snap-off and reduced solder waste. The SPG's intuitive interface enables the operator to set parameters based on production requirements-making print condition adjustments nearly automatic.

Equipped with 3 conveyors, PCB exchange time is reduced, making sure the printer does not become the bottleneck of the production line. The Panasonic SPG's feedback and feed-forward inspection system also helps further enhance overall line productivity.

Adaptable to dual lane for faster production, the Panasonic SPG can also handle large boards.

Features & Benefits

  • High-speed 15-second clean and print cycle time, every time
  • Eco-friendly solution for lean manufacturing
  • Compatible with industry-standard stencils
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