Six Sigma Consulting Services

Whether your problem is decreasing your tact time or increasing quality, a Six Sigma approach can help. Six Sigma is about breakthrough solutions and strong bottom line results. We offer different levels of support with these improvement projects- from instituting Six Sigma programs for the entire facility to running individual projects. Our goal is to fit your company's need.

Engaging with us provides you with flexibility, knowledge, and insight.

Green Belt Training

Green Belt Training

Six Sigma is about business improvement and getting breakthrough performance through advanced problem solving. The goal of Six Sigma projects is to have a strong effect on your bottom line.

This green belt training instructs application of Six Sigma techniques and suggests practical ways of applying the process with examples coming directly from the electronics industry.

Benefits include:
  • Advanced problem solving capability
  • Root cause analysis
  • Sustainable gains
  • Optimize process parameters

Quality Initiatives

Quality Initiatives

We know your time is valuable and you can't afford to spend it putting out fires caused by inconsistent quality. That's why Panasonic has a toolbox of solutions designed to elevate and sustain both process and product quality.

Proven techniques include: Six Sigma initiatives, Lean principles, process analysis, materials analysis, scrap/rework reduction initiatives, and material handling assistance (KANBAN, JIT).

From Six Sigma efficiency to minimized customer service costs, quality initiatives enrich your operations at multiple levels by:

  • Streamlining material handling/placement
  • Reducing scrap/rework expenses
  • Improving First Pass Yields (FPY)
  • Increasing cash flow through reduced inventory
  • Minimizing unscheduled downtime/machine repair costs

DoE Projects

DoE Projects

Creating a DoE (Design of Experiment) project is a systematic way to run a set of experiments, analyze the results, and interpret the data so sound decisions can be made with economical test cost. As lead-times for New Product Introduction (NPI) and budget allocations continue to shrink it has never been more critical to ensure a proper DoE plan has been fully developed to minimize unplanned expenses and time down the road.

By allowing Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting team to be a part of your DoE initiative, we provide additional SMT placement insight as a manufacturer ourselves. We provide personalized attention to detail while assisting in developing a comprehensive DoE plan. Panasonic can assist in your design of experiment project from setting appropriate factor ranges to managing the experiment as it takes place to helping decide whether the process needs further optimization. Different involvement levels are available based on your needs.

A powerful tool, especially during the Analyze and Improve steps of the DMAIC process, here are just a few of the many ways we can assist your next initiative:

  • Determine the effects of factors on response variables
  • Better understand how to control the process
  • Reduce the number of factors needing to be controlled
  • Determine optimal settings for the factors
  • Learn the true cause-and-effect relationships
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