PFSA Launches PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition MES Software Globally

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February 23, 2010 - Buffalo Grove, IL - Last month Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America launched its PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition MES software globally with the version 8.1 release. Previously PanaCIM Enterprise Edition was only available for manufacturing environments in North America.

Version 8.1 further expands the functionality of the nine modules in this manufacturing execution software system. Primary/Dependent Part Binning Support is a feature added to automatically assist with part class matching requirements. This enhancement is especially beneficial for LED applications due to the necessity of matching each LED diode with an appropriate resistor in order to maintain the same LED brightness across electronic display panels.

Offline feeder and cart setup has also been augmented to fully reinforce correct component reel-to-feeder and feeder-to-cart locations before production commences. To further strengthen its global use, all modules of the software now also support the Japanese language and additional languages can be added upon request.

The visual control panel (VCP) of the Production Monitoring and Dispatch module can now be customized at the user-level for site-specific needs such as branding requirements and arrangement preferences. And the Enterprise Link module now allows for even more exportable real-time data to keep third-party ERP/MRP systems updated with information such as boards produced and scrapped part quantities without having to wait for a production run to finish.

PanaCIM Enterprise Edition Version 8.1 provides new and increased levels of integration across a company's entire enterprise. The nine modules-Production Analysis, Production Planning, Production Monitoring and Dispatch, Material Verification, Traceability, Material Control, Product Changeover and Control, Maintenance, and Enterprise Link-are developed at Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America's headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL.

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