Across the globe, the “Smart Factory” has been highlighted in many national initiatives. Regardless of the name, “Industry 4.0”, “Advanced Manufacturing” or “Smart Factory”, all efforts focus on transforming the manufacturing process from isolated silos to a “lean, agile, and integrated” ecosystem underpinned by the Internet of Things.

Panasonic has the distinctive ability to provide total solutions beyond the production line. While we can provide best-in-class hardware and software tools from our own portfolio, we are leading a supplier collective, which allows us to provide turn-key solutions for your unique application and business model. Yet, the equipment sets are mere building blocks to solving your manufacturing challenges, especially as our industry evolves with the Internet of Things.

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Intelligent Storage Carts Intelligent MSD Cabinets

Inovaxe was founded in 2003 by a pair of West Virginia University alumni with industry-recognized expertise in both theoretical and practical application of lean, innovative material handling solutions. Authorities in the field, Inovaxe has published over 50 whitepapers and their InoAuto material handling and storage solutions lineup have received numerous awards. Inovaxe is focused on delivering intelligent solutions to streamline material handling and inventory accuracy within numerous industries including contract manufacturing, industrial, automotive, aerospace, defense, and medical sectors.

The global leader in 3D measurement & inspection solutions, Koh Young Technology has been the top SPI provider for 10 consecutive years by serving a wide range of industry needs in the circuit board assembly and semiconductor markets. They are driving innovations in diversified fields like smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, defense, medical, industrial, and semiconductors. From its headquarters in Seoul, Korea and myriad of regional locations including Chandler, AZ, Koh Young ensures close communications with more than 1,600 customers using over 8,000 systems.

Product Offerings
PCB Conveyors Board Routers
Laser Markers PCB Cleaner

Located in Lee County, North Carolina yet reaching across the globe, Conveyor Technologies, Inc., (CTI) is a four-fold operation providing manufacturing, sales, installation, and service of automated conveyor systems to handle circuit boards throughout the printed circuit board assembly process. Beyond board handling solutions, CTI provides complementary solutions including laser markers and board routers. With a strong focus on the customer with a pervasive ‘whatever it takes’ mentality stemming from its executive management team, each CTI unit is designed, manufactured, and shipped with pride and the utmost attention to detail.

Product Offerings
Single Lane Convection Reflow Dual Lane Convection Reflow

Heller Industries was founded in 1960 and pioneered convection reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, Heller collaborated with users to refine the systems and satisfy advanced applications. By embracing challenge and change, Heller Industries has earned the position of world leader in forced convection reflow technology. Moreover, Heller Industries’ commitment to customer responsive product development is the foundation of its management philosophy.

Product Offerings
PCB Cleaners Stencil Cleaners
Maintenance Cleaners Chemistries & Detergents

For more than 25 years, Kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH has consistently set new standards and benchmarks in the industry as one of the world´s leading manufacturers for machine engineering, chemistry development, and process design within the electronics manufacturing industry. From its headquarters in Willich, Germany, Kolb has gained an international reputation as an innovative powerhouse, known to be the inventor and pioneer of aqueous system cleaning. As such, Kolb is a full-service certified partner to many of the top manufacturers in the printed circuit board industry. Kolb uses a vast portfolio of exclusively patented advanced technologies and chemistries to help ensure superior effectiveness, process intelligence, energy efficiency, operator safety, ease of use, and environmental compliance.

Product Offerings
PCB Conveyors Laser Markers
Robotic Automation Industrial Automation

Simplimatic has been a trusted name in material handling systems since 1965. They are a leader in material handling systems and automation for semiconductor electronics, packaging, printed circuit board assembly, pharmaceutical, medical, optical, automotive, and other industries. Owned by Simplimatic Engineering Holdings LLC, Simplimatic Automation is a privately-held company with global capabilities stemming from a new 60,000 square foot manufacturing headquarters in Forest, Virginia.

Product Offerings
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Solder Paste Inspection
In-Circuit Tester (ICT)  

Based in Taiwan with local support, TRI offers the most robust product portfolio in the industry for automatic test and inspection solutions. From Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and 3D Automated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) systems to Manufacturing Defect Analyzers (MDAs) and In-Circuit Test (ICT) equipment, TRI provides the most solutions to meet a comprehensive range of manufacturing test and inspection requirements for the printed circuit board assembly marketplace.

Product Offerings
Selective Soldering Selective Soldering Rework
Board Routers Lead PreForming
Laser Markers Test Automation
Industrial Automation Inline Vapor Phase Ovens
Batch Vapor Phase Ovens Lab Vapor Phase Ovens

ASSCON was founded in 1995 with a focus on innovative vapor phase reflow soldering systems. The systems today are designed and manufactured for maximum efficiency at the lowest operating costs possible. The various models available ensure manufacturers can procure a suitable solution from a high volume, inline production to smaller, batch modes. Regardless of the solution, ASSCON ovens handle both lead-free and leaded products without the need for a complicated changeover. The units have low electricity and operation costs, and only require service annually. Today, there are hundreds of ASSCON Vapor Phase Soldering Systems installed worldwide serving some of the most renowned enterprises in the world.

For over 25 years, EBSO has been recognized as the industry leader for through hole lead forming, cutting, and kinking. Beyond developing lead forming solutions, EBSO offers a complete line of selective soldering solutions from rework to fully automated systems. What’s more, the installed base is a testament to its leadership position in the selective soldering market as well. Since 2006, EBSO has met and provided solutions for WEEE and RoHS lead-free soldering. In fact, all EBSO systems are suitable for the higher temperatures and new solder alloys required in lead-free soldering. Competitively priced, and with interchangeable nozzles, the EBSO selective products offer a realistic and appropriate automatic solution for medium sized soldering applications.

Established in 2005, A-Tek Systems Group was established as a premier distributor of technology-rich printed circuit board manufacturing equipment. Headquartered in northern Colorado, A-Tek provides sales and support services. The focus of A-Tek is to provide yield improvement products that protect the board during the value-added steps of assembly. The comprehensive portfolio of complementary products spans material management to industrial cleaning detergents. As manufacturing challenges continue to increase - high density components, shrinking package sizes and added alloy costs - A-Tek provides cutting-edge assembly equipment to help improve quality and yields effectively, efficiently, and reliably.

Product Offerings
Long Board LED Printer Big Board Printer

SJ Inno Tech, founded in 1997, has earned multiple awards for its line of feature-rich LED screen printers, including the prestigious Top Star Company and the Best Surface Mount Equipment awards. In fact, the LED printer is one of the few printers in the industry to provide on-board 3D solder paste inspection with true closed loop control. With 1,240mm printing capability, the SJ Inno Tech printer is in a class of its own. Over the past five years, the industry has taken notice with over 1,000 printers installed globally. Within North America, the award-winning printer lineup is distributed by Virginia-based Apex Factory Automation, who has supported the PCBA industry for over 20 years with proven service and support capabilities.

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Intelligent Storage Towers MSD Cabinets

Founded in 1972, Milan-based IEMME Group has an illustrious history of pioneering technology and innovation for the electronics assembly industry. From its beginnings with wave soldering machines and chemistries to its expanded current portfolio, IEMME Group has positioned itself as a leading supplier to many of the key OEMs and EMS providers across the world. Their most notable offering, the Lzero product line of material management and storage cabinets, is a featured partner in the Panasonic Total Solutions program. In fact, fueled by the Industry 4.0 initiative, the Lzero3 storage cabinet is capable of exchanging information that triggers actions with AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and production facilities to control each other independently. With hundreds of Lzero3 installations across the globe, IEMME Group is a leading intelligent material management company.


Product Offerings
Inspection Material Storage

Creative Electron is the largest US manufacturer of x-ray machines for the SMT industry. Based in San Marcos, CA, the company designs award winning x-ray machines used worldwide by electronic manufacturers of all sizes. Creative Electron is also the maker of the TruView Parts Counter, the x-ray based component counter that greatly increases the accuracy of your inventory. The TruView Parts Counter counts thousands of components on a reel in a matter of seconds. Further integration with a wide range of ERP and MRP systems, including Panasonic's PanaCIM, allows for the augmented inventory control needed to avoid line stoppages.


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