Panasonic Reveals Its Latest Screen Printer Solution: the SPG

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SAN DIEGO, CA (February 20, 2013) - At the 2013 IPC APEX Expo Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America – Process Automation introduced the SPG, its latest screen printing solution for electronics assembly manufacturing. It is being exhibited in combination with Panasonic's new AM100, a single-head, single-beam, high-mix placement machine, to promote the company's commitment to continuously invest in and produce innovative solutions tailored to high-mix manufacturing.

The Panasonic SPG delivers both high quality and high productivity screen printing and comes standard with Panasonic's hybrid squeegee head that further reduces cycle time. This screen printer can maintain a 15-second cycle time-cleaning and printing every time. Equipped with 3 conveyors, PCB exchange time is reduced as well, making sure the printer does not become the bottleneck of the production line.

Overall line productivity is further enhanced by the Panasonic SPG through a feedback and feed-forward inspection system. Feedback is supported by Panasonic's Adaptive Process Control (APC) technology to auto-correct printing position. Meanwhile bad mark recognition information can be sent forward to the mounting equipment in the line to prevent placement on a board in the event of a paste defect.

Production costs are also reduced through eco innovations that cut the amount of cleaning paper required by 50% of previous methods. Automatic solder supply eliminates the need to stop the machine to manually add solder and provides an opportunity for more cost-effective solder packaging while improving overall quality thanks to stable delivery.

Adaptable to dual lane for faster production, the Panasonic SPG can also handle large boards.


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