Panasonic Presents TAWERS-Aluminum MIG, A High Performance Welding Solution

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February 2008 - Buffalo Grove, IL - Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America (PFSA) presents TAWERS-Aluminum MIG, part of the continuous evolution of the TAWERS robot family. Ideal for high-performance push-pull aluminum feeding, the TAWERS-Aluminum MIG uses a three motor system to ensure a quick and accurate wire feed.

The bus communication interface standard to Panasonic TAWERS robots is used to control the robot's lift arc start and end. The robot then knows when current is flowing and retracts to take pressure off the wire - resulting in a more reliable arc ignition.

Panasonic also addressed the common challenge of locating joints for extrusion applications and for thin to thick welding applications. The syncro-weaving function and servo feeder provide real-time parameter adjustment from thick to thin materials - for penetration on the thick and no burn through on the thin. TAWERS-Aluminum MIG can also use high voltage touch sensing through aluminum oxide, which provides a fast response and prevents wire bending.

Panasonic made converting pre-existing Panasonic TAWERS robots to TAWERS- Aluminum MIG easy as well. Customers can add the AL-MIG unit and software - making the switch in minutes.


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