Panasonic Opens Welding Technical Centers in Michigan and Ohio

September 26, 2017 – Rolling Meadows, IL – Panasonic has opened Technical Centers for Arc and Laser Welding Technologies in Farmington Hills, Michigan and Hilliard (near Columbus), Ohio. By-invitation-only Grand Opening ceremonies were recently held in both locations for over 50 VIP Executives from the automotive and related industries. Attendees experienced hands-on technology demonstrations, learned about future new product and technology introductions, and attended welding technology seminars during the course of the celebratory events.

“The opening of our Technical Centers is transformative for the industry,” explained Faisal Pandit, President, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America – Process Automation. “Fabricators can immediately see the benefits of our One Source, One Responsibility™ message because all the components that comprise our total solutions are Panasonic products. The integration is built in, and there’s only one number to call for support.”

“The Technical Centers were designed to serve as living laboratories geared to support collaboration with fabricators to solve their production challenges and remedy their pain points,” Mr. Pandit continued to explain, “Custom waveforms can easily be developed to address the trend toward thinner, lighter, coated, and often more complicated welding. It’s important to note that Panasonic is not in this business for a quick sale—we seek long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships—and these Technical Centers are testament to that.”

Both Technical Centers have the latest TAWERS™ Arc Welding and LAPRISS™ Laser Diode Welding solutions installed and include new technologies such as Super Active™, Zi-Pulse™, HD-Mag™, and more.

As always, manufacturers can scale production lines from low to high volume depending on production needs while conserving investments until production or technology requirements mandate. OEMs and EMS providers can reconfigure the machine heads in minutes—maximizing flexibility, hastening ROI, and protecting investments. The NPM-W2S also incorporates existing CM Series Panasonic feeders and nozzles to minimize capital investment and reduce inventory expense.

To schedule a visit in either location, please contact Mr. Shin Sakamoto, Panasonic Business Development Manager at (847) 532-9275, email:, or visit


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