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simplified ordering solutions
Panasonic Simplified Order Solution

Staying on top of your production schedule, performing preventative maintenance, ordering supplies, attending meetings and so on-we know you're busy.

That's why we've created SOS (Simplified Order Solution), a new offering that solves the problem of having to place multiple orders to multiple vendors for things that you just always seem to need.

Panasonic has worked with assorted vendors to bring together the items you routinely need-and offer them through one source:

  • Dust Sprays
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Maintenance Wipes
  • Swabs & Brushes
  • ESD Coatings
  • Lead Cutters
  • Flux Dispensers
static control solutions
Panasonic Static Control Solutions

Panasonic's partnership with Desco™ allows you to further simplify your purchasing. Now you can combine Panasonic parts and Desco™ static control solutions all on a single purchase order to Panasonic.

Static control offerings include: mats, cleaners, foot grounds, wrist strap kits, and cords. See the pdf on this page for more details.

Static Control Solution Benefits:

  • Competitive pricing
  • One less P/O to generate
  • One less call / fax / online order
  • One less invoice
  • Potential shipping savings
  • More time for the rest of your work
bulk purchasing solution
Panasonic Bulk Purchasing Solution

Panasonic Bulk Purchasing is a simple system to maintain your consumable orders - all based on criteria set by you. Parts can be shipped monthly, weekly or in any other time frame needed to keep your production line running smoothly.

Why purchase in bulk?

  • Parts ship automatically when you need them
  • Special pricing helps save on costs
  • Lower overall inventory helps maintain better cash flow
purchasing analysis
Panasonic Personalized Purchasing Analysis

Put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you with a personalized purchasing analysis done by our APICS-certified staff. Panasonic can help manage your inventory by assisting in determining which parts and what quantities to purchase as well as how to manage that inventory.

The cost savings of efficient inventory management can be enormous.

The Panasonic Personalized Purchasing Analysis includes:

  • Analysis by APICS-certified Panasonic staff
  • Clear view of your inventory including strength and weaknesses
  • Suggested actions to improve inventory
  • Customized program to keep costs low while maintaining parts flow
  • Special pricing during the program
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