Onsite Machine Certification (PIMS)


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[ Download Internal vs. External Metrology ] [ Download Reducing the Cost of Poor Quality ] Do your machines require certification? Is your DPMO too high? Do you have skewed or misplaced components? These are a few issues with which Panasonic's Onsite Certification service can assist you. Panasonic brings a metrology lab to your site with our Portable Inspection Measuring Service (PIMS) - a complete, turnkey service including the inspection machine, boards, parts, tape and all the jigs required to calibrate and certify your placement machines. Our process knowledge comes in the form of trained engineers who'll measure your machines and analyze the data to determine if there are machines problems or if an adjustment is all that is needed. If your machines need an overhaul Panasonic can come to your facility with parts and service engineers to fix problems identified during the machine inspection. After that we'll recheck the machines and certify the results - a quick and effective way to get your older machines running back to factory standard levels.
What does poor quality really cost?
Poor quality costs include all appraisal, prevention, and failure costs. These costs can range from 1% of sales in a Six Sigma company up to 40% of sales in a three sigma company. In times of shrinking margins and pricing pressures reducing waste in your facility is vital.
How does Panasonic reduce the cost of poor quality?
Having Panasonic get your machines running back at factory standard levels will reduce the number of defects and increase your first pass yield. This benefits your bottom line as a decrease in overall manufacturing cost. Panasonic wants to make you more profitable.
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