Panasonic designed the NPM-VF odd-form solution to address increasing global labor costs and manual assembly complexity. The new platform, built from the award-winning NPM Platform, introduces several innovative solutions to reduce labor requirements and cost, while boosting productivity, enhancing versatility, and helping ensure quality through-hole and odd-form component insertions.

The industry’s only dual-gantry, multi-head, odd-form machine achieves 4500-CPH throughput within the machine footprint of a compact SMT mounter. While the NPM-VF handles a gamut of packages with its standard vacuum nozzle, it offers three additional process heads for components up to 130x35mm and 60mm tall, requiring 100N force (nearly 22.5 lbf).

Additionally, the NPM-VF will accommodate myriad feeder types from bowl feeders to stackable stick, radial, axial, vacuum-formed/JEDEC trays, and tape feeders up to 104mm.*

Odd-form automation requires more than placement, so the NPM-VF integrates an active, under-board clinch, which traverses the population area. Adopted from Panasonic’s pioneering through-hole technology, the active clinch system can secure various through-hole lead diameters at multiple rotations. Yet, when not required, the clinch doubles as localized board support for snap-in/press-fit components. Panasonic is simplifying odd-form and manual assembly with a solution that helps reduce labor costs, improve quality, and minimize resource challenges.

Features & Benefits

  • Body Chuck for gripping large odd-form devices without a pick surface (e.g. power transformers)
  • Lead Chuck for gripping radial lead through-hole devices (e.g. electrolytic capacitors)
  • Swing Nozzle for inserting through-hole devices oriented in packaging different than insertion orientation
  • Reduces labor costs, simplifies complex assembly, and increases production quality
  • Adapts through-hole technologies like active clinching, lead cutting, and part feeding from Panasonic’s 50+ years of through-hole innovation
  • Reduces operator training requirements with similar usability and interface as the award-winning NPM Series
  • Integrates with PanaCIM Enterprise Edition for seamless integration of workflows and data*
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