Lean Manufacturing Assistance

Lean manufacturing is a method to make the product flow through your value-added processes without interruption. With the customer's value in focus, lean principles can be applied to the value stream so that optimal product flow is achieved through a pull system starting from the customer.

Panasonic's consulting team will apply lean principles: elimination of waste (muda), overproduction avoidance, value stream mapping, workload leveling (heijunka), continuous improvement processes (kaizen), etc to help you achieve a lean manufacturing environment.

Panasonic Consulting will create synergies of our combined expertise to thoroughly understand the situation and implement the right lean initiatives to help you identify and eliminate waste and streamline your operation.
Successful lean implementations benefits:

  • Improved inventory turns
  • Improved cash conversion cycles
  • Improved ROA
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Fast market response

Lean Operation Consulting


Lean Operations streamline information and material flow for efficient production with minimized waste. Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting team can help determine if initiatives are needed in your facility to improveWIP reduction, plant layout, labor resource, production control, and material management.

  • WIP (Work-in-Process) Reduction
  • Plant Layout/Floor Space Analysis
  • Labor Resource Analysis
  • Production Control Initiatives
  • Material Management

Lean Asset Configuration


Lean asset configuration assures that your assets are properly allocated and arranged for flexible, efficient production to suit changing demand as well as your short- and long-term needs. Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting team's three-fold approach includes asset allocation initiatives, line utilization analysis, and line layout/floor space analysis.

  • Asset Allocation Initiatives
  • Line Utilization Analysis
  • Line Layout/Floor Space Analysis

Quality Initiatives


We know your time is valuable and you can't afford to spend it putting out fires caused by inconsistent quality. That's why Panasonic has a toolbox of solutions designed to elevate and sustain both process and product quality.

Proven techniques include: Six Sigma initiatives, Lean principles, process analysis, materials analysis, scrap/rework reduction initiatives, and material handling assistance (KANBAN, JIT).

From Six Sigma efficiency to minimized customer service costs, quality initiatives enrich your operations at multiple levels by:

  • Streamlining material handling/placement
  • Reducing scrap/rework expenses
  • Improving First Pass Yields (FPY)
  • Increasing cash flow through reduced inventory
  • Minimizing unscheduled downtime/machine repair costs

Kaizen Events


Kaizen, the process of implementing lean practices for continuous improvement, aims to better quality and save time and costs across your facility. Panasonic's Enterprise Consulting Group offers the services and expertise of a global manufacturing leader to assist in or perform your company's Kaizen events.

Our Lean- and Six Sigma-certified professionals can address challenges in several areas of the manufacturing process such as: SMT, Pre-SMT assembly operations, NPI, Warehouse, Training, Quality & Inspection, Material Management, Programming, Engineering, SOPs / Documentation, Shipping / Receiving, Final Assembly / Back end processes, and Maintenance.

Together, we can assemble a plan for:

  • Streamlining Continuous Flow Processes
  • Developing a Pull Production Environment
  • Advanced OJT & Specialized Training
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Workplace Organization: 5S
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Set-up Reduction Click on the pdf for more information
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