JV131 Jumper Wire Inserter

JV131JV131 PDF

The JV131 jumper wire insertion machine is industry-leading with a tact time of 45,000 cph (0.08s/component). Its high-speed insertion of wire from bulk (drum or reel) into printed circuit boards includes variable insertion pitch settings - from 5mm through 31mm in 1/100mm increments. The compatibility of the JV131 also accepts spare parts and NC programs from previous generation Panasonic insertion equipment as well as industry-standard loader/unloader units.

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple programmable insertion angles
  • Complete self-correction offset function ensures high reliability
  • Reduces clinch waste and material cost
  • Easy-to-use touch panel with graphics and guidance
  • Cross training ease with other Panasonic through-hole solutions
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