How PanaCIM® Works

How PanaCIMworks

Here's how the modules of the PanaCIM® Enterprise MES can cooperate in your manufacturing environment:

Begin with Production Planning to determine production resources' acquisition and allocation as well as satisfy manufacturing requirements accurately and efficiently.

Then manage inventory and assets, monitor MSD exposure, analyze relative performance, and reduce inventory costs with Material Control.

Use Material Verification to validate that the correct components are loaded-increasing quality and decreasing waste. It also eases changeover, splicing, and parts exhaust.

When production starts, centralized monitoring and notification from Production Monitoring and Dispatch allows your team to be fully engaged in events as they occur on the floor.

Configure and automate line changeover with Product Changeover and Control for quick and correct product download and equipment preparation without human intervention or downtime. Use Enterprise Link to seamlessly connect data from PanaCIM Enterprise Edition with other factory systems such as MRP/ERP systems for efficient, increased data integrity.

Maximize throughput with centralized maintenance scheduling, work order management, and logging of equipment resources through Maintenance. Organizations can minimize risk to recall, defects, or regulatory issues by viewing Panel, Component-to-Panel, and Placement-to-Panel traceability through the Traceability module.

And factory performance can be monitored anywhere in the world with Production Analysis, a web-based application operating in real-time with historical comparison, which also allows hastening of corrective response and increased productivity.

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