Curtis Instruments' Commitment to Quality Continues with Panasonic NPM-W

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July 24, 2012 - Rolling Meadows, IL - Curtis Instruments, the leading supplier of motor control, battery management, and instrumentation systems to electric and hybrid vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), recently completed its first installation of the NPM-W platform from Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America – Process Automation. The placement machine serves to increase capacity while further emphasizing Curtis' commitment to the highest quality standards.

Curtis' customers rely on them for quality and innovation. "We don't have a cookie-cutter approach. It all has to be tailored to the individual vehicle," said Chairman and CEO Stuart Marwell. "Our whole focus is on OEMs and supporting their vehicle design and manufacturing." Fittingly, the NPM-W's quick-changeover capabilities, superb quality controls, and interchangeable placement and process heads allow Curtis to adapt to changing production requirements and product designs rapidly.

The NPM-W is part of Panasonic's award-winning NPM platform for expanding and evolving electronics assembly needs. Processing boards up to 47.2 x 21.6" (1,200 x 550mm) and placing a gamut of components from 01005 chips to 120x90mm odd form packages while handling up to 120 reels with quick-change feeder carts and intelligent feeder anywhere are just a few of the features making the NPM-W especially beneficial for high-mix manufacturing. "With our constant drive to improve quality with lower defects and boost efficiency with faster changeover, the NPM-W feature set has proven invaluable in our high-mix environment," commented Brian Rhea, Corporate Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Curtis Instruments.

Panasonic provides the best production quality - period. After reviewing various options and suppliers, the Panasonic capabilities and functionality proved superior," said Tom Pergolizzi, Curtis Instruments Corporate Manufacturing Director. "The NPM-W is the best overall solution for us. With the NPM-W we strengthened our corporate drive for constant quality control and advancement to support our diverse OEM base," he concluded.

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