Best Practices for Manufacturing

How do you globally manage data? What is your ideal asset allocation for the future?

These are just two of the questions that we can help you answer. Our global manufacturing experience puts us in an excellent position to take a look at your facility and tell you what we see. Our manufacturing best practices consulting provides:

  • Fresh innovative ideas
  • Enhanced capability
  • Hands-on approach
  • Experienced consultants with electronics manufacturing backgrounds

Factory Analysis

Signing up with Panasonic for a Factory Analysis opens new doors to maximize your productivity throughout your entire facility - often with the assets you already have on hand. We assess your entire operations process flow starting with receiving through the SMT process and all the way to shipping your final product.

Before the engagement begins, Panasonic will work with you to establish metrics including your strategic goals and expectations.

Each Factory Analysis engagement ranges between 2-5 days depending on the scope and activities requested. Typically it begins with a kickoff meeting to introduce your team to the Panasonic Enterprise Consulting Team as well as reinforce the objectives of the engagement.

Plant tours, in-depth line/factory observation and individual/small group interviews allow our team to better understand your current operations' process, determine possible constraints to any new process, discover any discrepancies between departments, and identify quick-wins as well as develop short-term and long-term solutions to maximize the productivity of your factory and achieve your strategic goals.

We conclude the Factory Analysis with non-bias feedback and recommendations during the wrap-up meeting including any of our other offerings which may compliment the solution for your facility.

What's more, a Factory Analysis gives us yet another opportunity to collaboratively solve our customers' challenges, build a strong relationship, and allow us to integrate these solutions into an enhanced portfolio ensuring our customers' long-term success.

  • Determine the effects of factors on response variables
  • Better understand how to control the process
  • Reduce the number of factors needing to be controlled
  • Determine optimal settings for the factors
  • Learn the true cause-and-effect relationships

Operational Performance Consulting

Operation Performance Consulting

At Panasonic, we believe a great partnership begins with solutions that solve real challenges-apparent from the plant floor to the board room.

Panasonic Consulting services address the challenges faced every day by your enterprise, no matter what level challenge exists. Panasonic leverages a unique knowledge base in electronics manufacturing operations and our experts have years of experience in best practices that we can impart to help you see your facilities' operational strengths and opportunities from a new perspective.

Panasonic OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Panasonic OEE

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) provides metrics for your manufacturing process so you can easily identify where systematic improvements need to be made. Improving your OEE is especially needed when changes are made on the production floor to satisfy requests for smaller lot sizes, faster turnaround time and schedule flexibilities. Properly analyzing your OEE performance can further help in establishing a plan to minimize unplanned expenses and downtime.

Panasonic's enterprise consulting team can measure your OEE as well as help develop a personalized, fully comprehensive OEE improvement plan. Different levels of involvement are available depending on your needs. By allowing Panasonic's consulting team to be a part of your OEE improvement initiative, you gain additional SMT placement insight from our own personal manufacturing experiences to enhance your quality and performance results.

Once your OEE is at an optimal level, Panasonic can assist in your future Kaizen events for continuous improvement by helping you achieve or sustain single digit DPMO, 100% on-time delivery, refined inventory control and allocation, and enriched communication and visibility.

Here are just a few of the many ways we can assist in your next improvement initiative:

  • Optimize changeover processes
  • Reduce debugging and unplanned downtime occurrences
  • Improve FPY (first pass yield) opportunities with quality initiatives
  • Maximize labor resources
  • Establish true cause-and-effect relationships between your processes

Contact Panasonic for assistance in measuring, interpreting, and improving the OEE of your facility.

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