03015 Technology

Panasonic 03015 Technology Application Guide

The printed circuit board assembly industry has long embraced the “Smaller, Lighter, Faster, Smarter” mantra for electronic devices, especially in mobile and wearable devices. For example, as manufacturers increase smart phone functionality & capability, designers must adopt smaller components to facilitate high-density packaging. Measuring over 40% smaller than today’s 0402M (0.4x0.2mm) microchip, the new 03015M (0.3×0.15mm) and emerging 0201 (0.2x0.1mm) microchip epitomize the future of component miniaturization.

Not only does Panasonic System Solutions – Process Automation provide the equipment technology for placing 03015 and smaller microchips, our sister company, Panasonic Industrial Devices, has been producing these microchips for process test & manufacturing implementation. Panasonic is positioned to help manufacturers understand and address the challenges.

Pulling from our microchip expertise, Panasonic can help manufacturers with critical printing and mounting solutions, as well as assembly materials & process tools like Adaptive Process Control (APC). Understanding the process considerations for 03015M component mounting today will help designers & manufacturers transition to successful placement tomorrow.

Key enabling attributes of Panasonic mounters include:
  • Reinforced machine frame for stability at production speeds
  • Dual gantry, linear motor system providing fast acceleration with low vibration for superior throughput & accuracy
  • Inline head design with a new, lightweight 16-nozzle head, monitoring component handling from pick to place
  • Industry’s first multi-recognition 3D component vision inspection system for increased line output and reduced defects
  • “Active Calibration” for accurate mounting and time savings
  • Patented Adaptive Process Control (APC) inspection to further minimizes DPMO

See these 03015 process aids in Panasonic solutions like the NPM-D3 & NPM-W2 mounters, as well as our SPD printer and the PanaCIM® MES system.

download 03015 whitepaper

Download our free 03015 whitepaper exploring mounting requirements, as well as the importance of taping specifications, component shape, solder fillet, spacing gap, & stencil design.

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